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GADCO Headquarters

GADCO company headquarters in Montgomery, Illinois


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What does it take for a business to survive and prosper for four decades? For General American Door Company (GADCO), the answer has been understanding and responding to customer needs. GADCO has always prided itself on giving its customers quick turnarounds, a progressive distribution network and, above all, innovative products and trouble-free service.

The Montgomery, Illinois-based company supplies its wholesale customers with the highest quality garage doors made in America. GADCO residential garage doors are used by professionals and do-it-yourselfers who appreciate long life and great appearance in new construction, replacement and remodeling. GADCO's commercial and industrial doors are specified by architects and used by professionals for new construction and replacement needs.

Founded in 1961 as General Aluminum Company, GADCO originally produced residential aluminum siding. After establishing its North Aurora, Illinois manufacturing plant in 1964, GADCO expanded its manufacturing operations by adding fiberglass garage doors the next year.

The succeeding decades have offered convincing proof of GADCO's commitment to providing customers with the most innovative new products. In 1974, GADCO invented and patented one of the first truly new products the garage door industry had seen in years, the award-winning Therm-O-Air® (TOA), offering high-density polyethylene in an all-aluminum framework.

Five years later, GADCO introduced its first steel garage door, a ribbed residential door called the Liberty®. The Liberty® and the Americana®, a raised panel residential steel garage door brought out in 1984, are recognized as premium quality residential garage doors throughout the U.S.A. and abroad.

GADCO discontinues its siding operation in 1988 to devote all resources to solidifying its leadership position in garage doors. That leadership was confirmed the same year when GADCO introduced the maintenance-free Freedom® Series 9000 garage door, the world's first raised panel high-density polyethylene door. In an effort to meet the needs of customers who sought GADCO quality at a lower price point, the company in 1989 unveiled the Pioneer raised panel steel garage door. Patterned after the popular Americana® model, this line of "economy" garage doors has served this market segment extremely well since its introduction.

Succeeding years have seen a string of product innovations from GADCO. In 1991, the company introduced the Thermal Steel Series 8526 foamed-in-place commercial door, and in 1993 the Pioneer was offered in expanded sizes. The same year witnessed the unveiling of a finer grain, high density polyethylene door in the Freedom® Series 9001. And the Pioneer and Americana® palate was expanded to five colors, a number then unparalleled in the industry.

In 1994, GADCO broadened its offering in the "economy" market segment with the introduction of the Series 7926 garage door featuring energy-efficient CFC-free polystyrene insulation laminated to a sturdy 26-gauge steel skin. The Independence®, a 2" thick "sandwich" door proving 45% greater energy efficiency than conventional 1 3/8" thick "sandwich" style doors, was unveiled in 1995. Also in 1995, GADCO set a new industry standard for available colors by increasing the number of hues for its popular Americana® series from five to seven.

Nowhere is GADCO's customer satisfaction emphasis more evident than its Mix'N Match System, which allows raised panel steel doors to be tailored to satisfy customers' individual color combination needs.

In addition to the customary window insert colors of white, brown and almond, the Mix 'N Match System offers sandstone, teratone, skyline blue and evening grey and also new hunter green and deep crimson to match or contrast with popular house window coverings, trim and soffit hues.

You can also select from a wide array of matching design crafted windows. It's even possible to combine doors of one color with window inserts of another accenting color to coordinate garage door colors and window styles with the home itself.

As GADCO looks ahead, the company is committed to pursuing the goals that have sustained it for 40 years: Consistent product innovation and outstanding, trouble-free customer service.

GADCO operates distribution centers in Waters, MI, Twinsburg, OH, Allentown, PA, Bowling Green, KY, Richmond, VA, Norcross, GA, Iron Mountain, MI, Jackson, MI, Poca, WV and Valdosta, GA.

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