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How to Measure Garage Door Headroom

HEADROOM is one of the most critical measurements necessary to insure that the garage door is ordered correctly.

HEADROOM requirements vary depending on the building construction and the type of springs sold with the door.

STANDARD HEADROOM necessary when using 12” radius track is 11 inches utilizing extention or torsion springs.

To determine proper Headroom, measure from the floor to the finished ceiling or first obstruction, as the door would travel into the garage and subtract the door height.


Floor to ceiling measurement

8 feet
Door height 7 feet
Headroom 1 foot (12”) or 1” within Standard Headroom requirements

HEADROOM at the opening (header) must be maintained at least 8 feet into the garage to use STANDARD HEADROOM. Be sure to check for structural beams, conduit, pipes or any other objects that would interfere with the travel of the garage door.


LOW HEADROOM OPTIONS – When 11 inches of headroom is not available.

1. 12” radius Dual Track low headroom reduces headroom to 3-1/2” (must order with door)
2. 350 Kit – All necessary parts for field adaptation to existing 12” radius track and reduces headroom to 3-1/2” (extension springs only)
3. Rapid Throw Fixture Kit – Allows for operator installation.

NOTE: Allow 2” for additional headroom if a garage door opener is sold which will accommodate the opener track.

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